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Cardboard skeleton
Otis using metal detector
Boys with the Metal Detector
Crayons on warming tray
Blocks, workers and Bruder trucks
Block play and work people
Using curves only
Otis slicing banana bread 27 months
Australian Animals on Mat - Otis 27 months
Otis 27 months - Australian Animals
Some making (tape, paper, scissors)
Circles and curves July 2013
Caspar making with circles and curves
Transferring with a spoon
Is it summer yet
Otis ochre
Caspar 2 July 2013
The Karri Bench
LEGO First Readers
Color wheel
Apple snack June 26 2013
Otis preparing apple snack with slicer 26 months
Otis - Parent Toddler at Gungahlin
Caspar making recycled paper 23 June 2013
Otis window cleaning 21 June 2013
Otis with dustpan 21 June 2013
Otis sweeping leaves 21 June 2013
Otis writing with chalk 26 months
Otis with apple - 26 months
Otis making apple slinky - 26 months
Caspar garbage truck
Caspar garbage truck
Otis with pin cushion
Insects in resin
Otis's smoothie
Montessori print
Caspar 'doing researching work' robots
Gift number 9
The boys making dinner
Tin Can Alley
Otis with bolt at 26 months
Otis watering inside 26 months
Otis watering 26 months
Otis carefully chopping strawberries 26 months with child cleaver from Michael Olaf
Otis learning colours
Otis standing on green
Otis learning colours with parachute
Otis scooping small balls
Otis scooping small balls 25 months