How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way - Tim Seldin

How to raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way is the first Montessori book that I remember reading. Initially I borrowed it from our local library but later I purchased a copy. It remains my favourite book and the first one I would recommend to first time parents or anyone with a slight interest in Montessori. I rate it so highly because it is

  • easy to read with simply language
  • engaging and has a friendly tone
  • colourful, bright
  • modern, recent
  • non authoritarian, non judgemental
  • well presented and well formatted

However it really is light reading. If you are already familiar with Montessori or an experienced parent it may leave you wanting more. 

The book has many practical suggestions and ideas for supporting your child in your home. I especially enjoyed the section on grace and courtesy, so simple but so relevant.

Although I use various book stores I find Montessori Books the best source for Montessori related books. 


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