The apron
Triangular crayons

Sandpit, digger, dumptruck




We considered for a really long time if we wanted a sand pit at home. While it is good in theory and easy to do, our backyard isn't very big and did we really want more mess?  We know that sand provides a lovely sensory experience for young children but most of all I think - all kids like to dig. 

Add an excavator and dump truck and this is three year old boy bliss. I love to see the concentration in his eyes as he lines up the truck.




What I didn't expect was the kind of imaginative play that goes on here. The sand pit has become a stage. A stage where mostly diggers perform, but the occasional firefighter (armed with a real hose) makes an appearance. Water with sand increases the fun. Who knew it could be that simple. 

- If you are looking for great ideas for outdoor play I highly recommend reading the parents guide to nature play from Green Hearts

- Yes, that is a blackboard behind the sand pit. I simply painted a piece of MDF/fibreboard and nailed it to the fence. Simple and cheap. It has weathered really well, it has be there for over a year and still looks like new.