Child friendly bathroom

We are fortunate to have two bathrooms in our house. This means that Caspar has his own bathroom which doubles as a guest bathroom. The downside to this is we need to keep it spotlessly clean. While keeping it clean and orderly we also strive to make it as child friendly as possible. 

A clean, orderly, child friendly bathroom? This is what currently works for us

  • Limit the number of bath toys but make them interesting. We have some Schleich sea animals, a funnel, a small colander, water wheel and some boats.
  • Present the items the child uses everyday on a small tray on the bench, within easy reach. For us this includes a hair comb, toothpaste, toothbrush and nail brush. 


  • Provide a fresh stack of facewashers/small cloths within easy reach. This makes it easier for the child to wash their own face.
  • Provide a small stool so the child can reach the basin. 
  • Turn down the hot water system temperature. Ours is set at 40oC which is still warm but not hot enough to burn.
  • Provide a hand towel directly adjacent to the basin. We have used a suction towel ring so the towel is right near the stool at an easy height.


  • Provide spare towels in a low draw. So the child can access clean towels at any time. 
  • Provide a dirty laundry hamper/basket.
  • Provide child sized soap. We use liquid soap at the basin but small bars of soap at the bath and shower. Small soap is much easier for the child's small hands. We use sample soap that we get for free when we purchase our own soap, but you could always cut down a standard size bar.
  • Provide a low soap holder and mirror in the shower. The mirror probably isn't necessary but it can make hair washing easier. This mirror is attached using a suction grip. The soap holder is by Command (from our local hardware store) and is totally removable and adjustable. 

These are really simple ideas. Is there something I have missed? I would love to hear any additional ideas you may have. 


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