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I really want to share with you some of my absolute favourite children's designers. I really love children's fashion but have had some difficulty in finding practical clothes that look good. I will say at this time that my standards are high. 

I prefer children's clothing that is

  • simple, modern and fresh in design
  • easy to put on
  • easy to wear
  • loose fitting (not to restrict movement)
  • easy to layer (easier to regulate temperature)
  • made of natural fibres
  • organic where possible
  • great quality 

Firstly for baby wear I cannot and do not go past Nature Baby. They are based in New Zealand but their website does list in Australian dollars. Their clothing is organic and many items are made in New Zealand. The quality and feel is impeccable. This is just some of the range we have purchased for the new baby. It is seriously the most gorgeous baby clothing I have ever seen. 




My search for suitable toddler clothing has been much more difficult and has often resulted in me wasting time and money. So many designers make great clothing that is unfortunately overcomplicated and very difficult for a child to wear independently - especially for boys pants!!

Can all designers please note that I love your denim, chinos and cargos, but with all of their buttons, fancy clasps, belts and zips, my three year old cannot wear them without assistance.

In my search I have found Irene at Bloesem Kids to be the greatest source of inspiration. She is in touch with so many designers from around the world and has led me to both of my favourite international designers. 

Buisjes En Beugels +++ is from the Netherlands, self described as a collection inspired by the functionality of kids clothes and avant garde fashion. This collection is a little quirky but it really appeals to my sense of aesthetics. 

Nonchalant Mom from the United States is pretty well known. The Nonchalant Mom website sells Nonchalant Kids and other ranges of children's wear. The clothes that we have purchased are really practical and so comfortable. 

For pyjamas we have found Snugglebum the best. We also love t-shirts and pyjamas at Country Road.

I would love to know what brands or designers you would recommend.


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