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What intrigues people about the floor bed? What mystery does it hold?

I never understood why people were so surprised or confused about it. In our home it was almost like people didn't know what to say. I wonder what they were thinking... does the child sleep here, on the floor, can't they afford a crib, a cot? When new people came to our home I found myself trying to explain it. Was I trying to justify our decision, was I trying to educate our guests? 

My first son Caspar used a floor bed from around six months. The first six months he slept in a cot (Stokke Sleepi Mini) next to my bed. When using the floor bed my main concern was that he would fall out and then when older start wandering around the house getting up to mischief. He never fell out and the only time he got out of his bed was to get into ours. 

The floor bed made sense to us. It was easier. I know it doesn't work for everyone and I respect parents who decide otherwise. 

For our next baby, the plan is the same. I expect the baby to sleep at night in the cot next to me until he is around six months, then into the floor bed. I do plan for the baby to use the floor bed during the day almost from the start, at least to lie and play, and this is where I think I will hang our mobiles.

There are a few reasons why I prefer the cot at night in those early months, mainly because I sleep better knowing the child is close by, but if you want to know more please email me. 

My biggest concern this time is to have both boys in the same room together. Will it work? I am not sure but we are flexible, we can move things around if it doesn't. 

The top photograph is the bedroom as it is now. We moved Caspar into a 'real' bed when is was just over two years old and the floor bed here is ready for the new one. This room isn't as dull as it looks, we do have some low hanging family artwork on the walls, just out of view. Our children's playthings/materials are mainly stored in the playroom and other areas.

If you are wondering, for the floor bed we simply use a single bed mattress directly on the floor. Works for us.


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