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Sorry for the darkish photos. We practice yoga inside in the evening, making it difficult to photograph. We currently use Epona Yoga which is specifically designed for children and includes a dvd to follow. Although we started yoga when he was around two years old, it is only recently he has become interested. Now he is really interested and will set up and start without me. I am sure that... Read more →

Yesterday I had two experiences that raised my spirits and renewed my energy. Firstly, it was day one of the Playful Learning Spaces E-course. Playful Learning is one of those sites that is pure inspiration. Mariah has the ability to present wonderful activities and spaces for children with real style and sophistication. Her primary influences are Maria Montessori and Reggio Emilia. After perusing her site you will not be surprised... Read more →

For a long time I tried to interest Caspar in dressing himself. When he was around eighteen months old we made all of his clothing available to him. I installed a wooden dowel in his wardrobe so he could easily reach all of his hanging clothes. His folded clothes went into piles and baskets on the lower shelves. I know that dressing - choosing his own clothing and putting them... Read more →

I admit to sometimes feeling insecure about my Montessori knowledge. It is for this reason I have stayed away from many specific Montessori materials. I always thought that you needed formal training to know how to use them or to know how to present them to your child. While I am sure this is true for many materials, I have been tempted by the lure of Etsy to try some... Read more →

I have long wanted to compost but I couldn't find the right system for us. We don't have a large backyard. I didn't want anything big, dirty, smelly or difficult. About eight months ago I came across the Bokashi system and am now recommending it to everyone I know. The unexpected benefit of the Bokashi is that a three year old (even an older two year old) can do it... Read more →

The flower press is one of those materials that I just love. It sits permanently on our outdoor shelves. This one is sized perfectly for three year old hands. While the end result - pressed flowers are nice, I love the work that goes into making it happen. For Caspar this work goes uninterrupted for around twenty minutes. This is a really good solid block of concentration. Busy fingers, busy... Read more →

Since Caspar was around eighteen months old we have had a snack table of some kind. When he turned two we moved away from a table and simply provided him access to the lower shelf in our pantry. Initially we provided a very small jug of water, small glasses and varying fruit, crackers, plate and utensils. As Caspar got bigger so did the size of the jug and the size... Read more →

I had been looking for some ceiling decoration for our playroom for some time. I wanted something colourful to break up the white space. I initially tried temporary wall stickers but made the wrong choice finding them too bold and over stimulating. I had previously looked at mobiles but couldn't find the right one. I wanted contemporary, modern and seriously good to look at. The entire range of Puka Puka... Read more →