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Threading, lacing, sewing


Recently I started thinking about what activities have really worked for us and what haven't. I love threading, lacing and sewing activities but they have been a bit hit and miss at our house. 

This one (above) stayed on our shelves for over a year, yes a year! I first set it up when my son was around eighteen months old and it was well used until he was around two and a half years old. Highly recommended.

At various times I have set up and demonstrated the lacing shapes, threading beads and threading cotton reels (all below) but they rarely, if ever got used. These didn't work for us.

P1030410 P1030420 P1030409

Possibly I had missed the sensitive period, possibly I didn't present them right. I kept on thinking of more threading, lacing and sewing activities. My son was also getting older so I started to look something more challenging. 

I next set up this activity (below) not because it is threading or lacing but because I thought it was a necessary step. This is actually a pin and pin cushion activity. My son loved it and quickly built up his skills in handling small sharp items such as pins and needles, which was needed for the next more advanced activity. 


This exciting tray (below) was next. My son was three when I first presented this. He was more than ready for it and he has produced a huge amount of sewing and freestyle embroidery since.  The hoop gives a sturdier base on which to sew and a ready made frame. 


Each piece made has been thoughtfully hung around our home or gently wrapped and given as a gift. The extension ideas for this are limitless.


I would love to hear what threading, lacing or sewing activities have or haven't worked for you. Which ones have become favourites?


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