Organising a child's wardrobe to encourage independent dressing

Yes! Feeling inspired.

Yesterday I had two experiences that raised my spirits and renewed my energy. 

Firstly, it was day one of the Playful Learning Spaces E-course. Playful Learning is one of those sites that is pure inspiration. Mariah has the ability to present wonderful activities and spaces for children with real style and sophistication. Her primary influences are Maria Montessori and Reggio Emilia. After perusing her site you will not be surprised that she has a book coming out soon.   

In an attempt to gain some style and sophistication myself, I decided to undertake Mariah's latest course. I am already totally overwhelmed. The presentation, the ideas... breathtaking. 

This is the first area of our home that I hope to re-design as part of the course. 


This area is outside but sheltered under our patio/veranda. Sometimes we do craft here but generally these table and chairs sit unused. This space is under utilised and not at all creative or in any way a playful learning space.

I intend to make this over into our arts space. Being outside we can use all kinds of messy stuff uninhibited - clay, glitter, paints. Stay tuned and hopefully in a couple of weeks I will post an amazing after shot. 

Secondly, I attended a meet and greet at Caspar's school. I had the opportunity to have quality time in his class room, with his teacher - without him being present. I so enjoyed being in his space. I had the opportunity to use some materials such as the Trinomial cube and loved the hands on experience.

If you are looking at schools I strongly urge you to consider your local or nearest Montessori school. This school has changed our lives and only continues to exceed my expectations. This isn't easy, admittedly my expectations are high.


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