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Child friendly bathroom



Sorry for the darkish photos. We practice yoga inside in the evening, making it difficult to photograph. We currently use Epona Yoga which is specifically designed for children and includes a dvd to follow.

Although we started yoga when he was around two years old, it is only recently he has become interested. Now he is really interested and will set up and start without me. I am sure that Montessori would approve of yoga itself but I am not sure what she would think of using a dvd!


I love yoga especially for children because it 

  • is good exercise, assists in building muscle tone and core strength
  • is great for increasing and maintaining flexibility and balance
  • teaches mindfulness and relaxation
  • assists in developing concentration and memory
  • is fun
  • can be done with mixed age groups and capabilities together
  • has so many poses that are really child friendly


Most of all I love it because we can do it together. What a great way to model good behaviour and get some exercise at the same time. 


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