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A room of their own


I try not to move around our furniture too often. I know that for a young child moving furniture around can be unsettling, especially when it is in their bedroom. So I gave this A LOT of thought. 

I spoke to almost every Montessori person I know. I emailed, I checked out blogs and read books. I absorbed every piece of advice I received, could our children share rooms or should they have a room of their own??

When we started preparing for the new baby, we put the floor bed in Caspar's room and kept the playroom for both children to share. However as time went on I was having difficultly merging the playroom into an area that a newborn/young baby could share with a three year old and I was unsure about the children sharing sleeping spaces. 

From a newborn/young baby's perspective I though it was best for him to have a space of his own to explore by himself without restrictions. A quiet, restful place where he can chose himself when to play and when to sleep - really fundamental Montessori.

This would mean having the sleep and play area in the same room. Therefore it only made sense for each child to have their own room. It was time to do some re-arranging. 

I moved Caspar's playthings/materials into his room with his assistance. This was the easy part.

Next I started working on the new baby's room. It is still incomplete (no photos yet). I am attempting to make it a genuine Montessori space however I have had to order a few things that are not readily available. I have also had great difficulty getting some things done, who knew it was so difficult to attach a mirror to a wall???

Caspar is really happy having his own room and I am really happy that the new baby will have a peaceful, independent sleeping/playing space.


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