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A couple of people have asked to see more of our outdoor art area from this post. Here are a few more photographs. I hope that you can see enough detail and get some more ideas. 

These supplies (below) are from the crafting basket. Brown paper bags, paper plates, foil pans, coloured matchsticks, stick on eyes, small pom-poms, circle stickers, paddle pop sticks and glue. We keep the masking tape on the top shelf. I found the plastic storage container in our garage but I think we originally purchased it from the hardware store. Although not pictured we keep a couple of shaped hole punches in here too and they are used frequently.

P1050197The painting basket is really simple, paint, brushes and pots. We rotate colours every week or so. There are pastels to the left of the basket. These are a new addition and we are still experimenting with them. 


The modelling basket contains modelling clay and tools. The clay in the bucket (with the yellow lid) has already been used and is stored in there to keep it fresh. 


The only downside to this area so far is that our outdoor table is much too small. I have found Caspar setting up outside on the cement using the protective mat (folded up pictured above) especially for painting and crafting. I have also found our art easel a complete waste of time. I know it works for many people but I think I will give ours away. 

As I mentioned previously we do have other art supplies that we will rotate. It is important that Caspar is able to maintain this area independently so we limit the amount of materials on display. 

The shelving unit does have a hook on the side for an art smock, but I am still working on that. If you are looking for ideas on art smocks there is a good discussion following the apron post. 


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