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We had a cloudy, long weekend which made it perfect for gardening. We didn't get a lot done, just a little weeding. 

As with any task, child sized tools are a must. I can't image what we would do without our little spades, shovel, buckets and gloves, not to mention the wheelbarrow. Luckily these days the hardware store stocks almost everything child sized.  

It is important not to underestimate the importance of tools that fit the child. A young child is developing strength in their arms and hands, they are developing coordination. Tasks such as digging are difficult enough without having tools that are too big or too heavy for them. It is really empowering for a child to have their own tools and be able to do their own work. All children are able to contribute in the garden.


Yes, sometimes he digs up a plant rather than a weed, sometimes he stands on, falls on or squashes a plant. Sometimes he just digs a big hole and doesn't fill it in. Sometimes it rains and we all get covered in mud. But it is always an enjoyable experience. 


It is important that any tools you provide your child are real tools that are capable of doing the task. Many toy shops sell plastic or pretend tools that would easily break, being really disheartening for the child. Real tools that are just smaller versions of yours are best.

At the moment we only have a few fruit trees, strawberries and a couple of herb plants. However to prove that we can grow vegetables, here are some photos from last season.

Isn't it wonderful to be able to grow your own produce. I wish we did more of it. 


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