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Montessori and birth

As you may know, I am currently pregnant. I am trying to rest as much as possible but honestly it is hard to feel really comfortable. I haven't been sleeping well - this baby is a real kicker and the Braxton Hicks contractions occur every night. What I have been doing late into the night is reading. 

Naturally I have been reading a lot of Montessori. I had no idea that she had so much to say about the birthing process. My recent notes from various sources include:

  • accept - don't fear the birth process
  • have relaxed muscles that do not oppose uterine contractions
  • relaxed muscles will (hopefully) contribute to dilation
  • the less intervention required the better 
  • the birthing process can be very rewarding
  • the father needs to be equally prepared for the birth so that he can offer support 
  • birthing is tiring for both the mother and child, keep the environment warm, darkened and peaceful

Directly after birth

  • the newborn's points of reference (mothers voice, heartbeat and warmth) provide security
  • direct skin to skin contact is important 
  • colostrum is important, breastfeed as soon as possible after birth
  • keep the newborn and mother close together, almost exclusively
  • don't wrap the newborn too tightly, even in the uterus it had room to move
  • wrap or cover the newborn with the softest of materials 
  • if the room is warm and the baby covered, clothing isn't immediately required 

Most of her thoughts are in line with my own beliefs. These notes have helped me write our birth plan (ok we weren't going to actually write a birth plan but today our obstetrician recommended it - we are planning to birth at a hospital but as naturally as possible) and they have helped me focus on what is important. 


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