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The Worm Farm



Caspar received this wonderful worm farm for his birthday last year. It isn't a true worm farm it is more of a worm observatory. We keep the worms in there for a week or two to observe them, then let them free back in the garden. 

All we need is the farm (wooden box), soil, sand, oats, water and worms. 




You may remember me mentioning in a previous post how we compost, that we have heaps of worms in our garden. We don't have to dig far to find them. This boy LOVES worms! 

We fill the farm up with layers of soil, sand and oats, add the worms and spray with water to keep them moist. 


Then sit back and observe. 


The farm does need to be kept in a cool, shaded position and we cover it with a dark cloth to keep the worms comfy. 


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