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Do you have trouble communicating Montessori?

Do you have trouble communicating Montessori? I wish that I could talk to others and explain Montessori better.  

It's not like I feel that I have to explain or justify our parenting decisions, it's more that I would like to share better with others. Especially our family. I think over time they are learning more about Montessori but I am sure they think I am a little off balance and slightly obsessed. 

Mostly I have difficulty explaining

  • why we limit praise and rewards
  • why we don't bribe (this was a big one at toilet training time)
  • why we send our child to a Montessori school (what's wrong with the public school?)
  • how a Montessori school operates (yes they learn at their own pace)
  • why a three year old goes to school five days a week (three hours a day, five days a week)
  • why we don't interrupt or interfere while the child is working or concentrating
  • why we don't 'fix' a child's work (letting go is hard)
  • why we need to be patient and let him do it himself
  • why we go to so much effort to provide learning opportunities for our children at home

Perhaps I need to work on my communication skills, simplify my language and reduce the rhetoric.

Perhaps it's best not to explain, rather lead by example and hope that the benefit of parenting this way become evident. 

I just want everyone to see the wonder in Montessori as we do. Too much to ask??


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