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His own fridge

I wanted to make Caspar more independent at breakfast time. 

I thought the first step was to give him access to all he needs to make his own breakfast. This includes milk. 

After a bit of thought I brought this small refrigerator inside from the garage. It is placed in our living area which is adjacent to our kitchen. This location is only meters from our own fridge. 

Now not only does he have access to milk, he also has better access to some of his own foods previously stored on the lower shelf in our fridge.

He received some wooden letters from my cousin Tanya as a gift, so make this fridge his own he coloured in the letters with crayon and adhered them to the door.

I really like the idea that he can now access more refrigerated foods and am thinking of putting more foods in there (such as eggs and butter) so that he can collect his own items next time we are cooking. 

Naturally, he loved the idea too. 

I haven't given him a lesson/demonstration in preparing his own breakfast yet, that can wait. Perhaps tomorrow!


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