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Caspar, like most kids started preparing food somewhere between 18 months and two years old. Like most he started cutting at this age too, slicing a banana for a snack. Now Caspar cuts and slices many more foods. He uses a small serrated knife or the cutter pictured above and below here. The serrated knife only cuts when the child uses the cutting action. The cutter pictured generally requires two hands. Therefore reducing the chance of the child cutting themselves. When introducing the knife and cutter to him I gave many lessons/ demonstrations on how to use them, and of... Read more →

I wanted to make Caspar more independent at breakfast time. I thought the first step was to give him access to all he needs to make his own breakfast. This includes milk. After a bit of thought I brought this small refrigerator inside from the garage. It is placed in our living area which is adjacent to our kitchen. This location is only meters from our own fridge. Now not only does he have access to milk, he also has better access to some of his own foods previously stored on the lower shelf in our fridge. He received some... Read more →

Otis is nearly four weeks old and I feel like I need a refresher... it's too easy to forget or get distracted by the busyness of everyday life. My key points for talking to a newborn: Do speak to your child from the start, slowly and calmly use good grammar and clear pronunciation look into the child's eyes when speaking let the child see you speak, speak face to face expose the child to adult (and sibling) language and conversation recognise that tone conveys a message and emotion to a child talk about what you are doing, name body parts... Read more →

Do you have any Montessori books that you no longer want or need? Want to swap? I have a pile of great books that I no longer read and would love to swap with you! All of the books were purchased new by me and are in a used but good condition (most are in a great condition). The books I have on offer to swap are: Montessori In a Montessori Home - Sarah Moudry What is Montessori Preschool - David Kahn Montessori Play and Learn - Lesley Britton A Parents' Guide to the Montessori Classroom - Aline D. Wolf... Read more →

Isn't it fun to see what kids get up to when you are not watching. Recently Caspar has had longer periods without direct supervision. Our home is really child friendly and as long as I can hear him I am happy. Luckily for me he hasn't yet got into any mischief. Mostly I have been pleased to find him reading, playing with his trucks or working. Today I found him doing this shape matching activity. I love how he knows if he is going to work on the floor to get out his mat. That's Montessori! I also love to... Read more →

Do you have trouble communicating Montessori? I wish that I could talk to others and explain Montessori better. It's not like I feel that I have to explain or justify our parenting decisions, it's more that I would like to share better with others. Especially our family. I think over time they are learning more about Montessori but I am sure they think I am a little off balance and slightly obsessed. Mostly I have difficulty explaining why we limit praise and rewards why we don't bribe (this was a big one at toilet training time) why we send our... Read more →

Eeek! It's the school holidays, I am now the mother of two and we are all feeling a little run down. How am I going to manage? Seriously? Caspar is the culprit. I knew when he started school that he was sure to catch a few extra bugs and he has been coughing and sneezing for a couple of days now. Even though we have all been eating well I feel the need for a good dose of vitamin C. Blueberries are a staple in our freezer so we attempt a blueberry smoothie. Milk, yoghurt and blueberries. Caspar's school teacher... Read more →

As Otis is now two weeks old we put up our Munari mobile. The mobile is hung over his movement area. We were thrilled as he focused on it straight away. He has been spending a lot of his awake time in his movement area looking at the wall mirror and having tummy time. Adding the mobile gives him another area of interest. We chose the Munari mobile because it is the first in the Montessori Visual Mobile series is black and white to provide the greatest contrast suitable for the infant's developing vision is developmentally appropriate not overstimulating or... Read more →

It wasn't until recently that I became aware of Montessori's work regarding infants. Previously I thought Montessori was only about activities for preschoolers and the Montessori Method of education. Certainly this is where a lot of her work is but she also had so much to say about newborn and infant children. In setting up our home environment for our second child I have really tried to follow and understand her work in this area. In his bedroom we have installed a low wall mirror. Underneath the mirror is a soft blanket to create his movement area. This is where... Read more →

This week we were blessed by the birth of Otis. He is beautiful and healthy. We couldn't be happier and it feels like we are living a dream. I am constantly trying to bring myself back to reality but it may take some time. The birth went smoothly and although not the family event that I had planned it was really empowering. It feels like Otis has been with us forever, he has settled in at home easily. Caspar has adjusted well and has remained really relaxed and not fussed. I am actually feeling some guilt about how well things... Read more →

I haven't thought about breastfeeding during this pregnancy, until today. What was I thinking? The baby is due! I decided I needed a refresher and so I got out my three favourite resources (pictured above). They are all produced by the Australian Breastfeeding Association. They are simply in book, booklet and card format. I really want something on hand in those early hours/days when I am trying to get the attachment right. I know a lot of Montessori information suggests weaning should start at six months (start introducing other foods to baby) and should be finalised by nine months (that... Read more →