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Caspar, like most kids started preparing food somewhere between 18 months and two years old. Like most he started cutting at this age too, slicing a banana for a snack. 

Now Caspar cuts and slices many more foods. He uses a small serrated knife or the cutter pictured above and below here. The serrated knife only cuts when the child uses the cutting action. The cutter pictured generally requires two hands. Therefore reducing the chance of the child cutting themselves.

When introducing the knife and cutter to him I gave many lessons/ demonstrations on how to use them, and of course he only uses them when I am supervising. These vegetable sticks were easy for him to cut, (I had pre-cut the sticks and he cut them into pieces) but allows him to contribute to our family life in a meaningful and genuine way, in this case the preparation of a salad.  

It is also a great way of encouraging him to eat more vegetables and a good distraction for him while I am in the kitchen. I am sure it helps to build muscle tone too!



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