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Matching shapes - triangles, squares, hexagons, trapezoids, parallelograms

Isn't it fun to see what kids get up to when you are not watching. 

Recently Caspar has had longer periods without direct supervision. Our home is really child friendly and as long as I can hear him I am happy. Luckily for me he hasn't yet got into any mischief. Mostly I have been pleased to find him reading, playing with his trucks or working. Today I found him doing this shape matching activity.

I love how he knows if he is going to work on the floor to get out his mat. That's Montessori! 

I also love to see how children move around when working on the floor. I have seen this at his school. Children sitting, lying, squatting while doing their work. It must be pleasing for a child to know that they can work comfortably not restrained to a desk and chair. 

I like this activity for so many reasons. The child can learn about colours and shapes but also work on their fine motor skills. As you can see Caspar above carefully putting the piece in it's precise place without disturbing the other pieces.

His words when he has finished... "Done it!".

Then onto the next one.

These shapes are wooden and lovely to touch and use. There is something special about quality materials. If you were after a quick activity though, something similar could easily be made with coloured card cut-outs. 


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