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Eeek! It's the school holidays!

The Munari mobile


As Otis is now two weeks old we put up our Munari mobile. The mobile is hung over his movement area. We were thrilled as he focused on it straight away. 

He has been spending a lot of his awake time in his movement area looking at the wall mirror and having tummy time. Adding the mobile gives him another area of interest. 

We chose the Munari mobile because it

  • is the first in the Montessori Visual Mobile series
  • is black and white to provide the greatest contrast suitable for the infant's developing vision
  • is developmentally appropriate not overstimulating or overwhelming
  • encourages focus and uninterrupted viewing time builds concentration
  • helps develop tracking as the mobile moves gently in the room
  • provides the infant the opportunity to do his first work

We purchased this mobile from At Home with Montessori and highly recommend them.  At Home with Montessori is also a really good source of information on the Munari and whole lot more.

I also really, really enjoyed Sara's recent post Cultivating Independence in Children where she gives her son independent time interacting with his mobile.

Love it!







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