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Book giveaway?

I have checked the stats... there are a lot of people who visit or click onto this blog everyday. Yet I was unable to swap one single book via this post Montessori book swap? I still want these great books to go to good homes so I have decided to give them away.

All of these books were purchased new by me are in a really good condition. The books I have to give away include


  • In a Montessori Home - Sarah Moudry
  • What is Montessori Preschool - David Kahn
  • Montessori Play and Learn - Lesley Britton
  • A Parents' Guide to the Montessori Classroom - Aline D. Wolf

Waldorf inspired

  • Seven Times the Sun - Shea Darian
  • Beyond the Rainbow Bridge - Barbara J. Patterson and Pamela Bradley
  • Making a Family Home - Shannon Honeybloom


  • The Creative Family - Amanda Blake Soule
  • Handmade Home - Amanda Blake Soule

I am happy to post overseas (the stats tell me about 40% of readers are outside Australia) but there is an absolute limit of two books per person. First in best dressed. Email me the title of the book/s you would like and a mailing address, Kylie at 


Thank you to everyone who contacted me. I only have one book left What is Montessori Preschool. I will leave the offer open, if anyone would like this book please email me. 


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