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Caspar's Little Writing Centre

Caspar is at the very beginning of his writing journey and I wanted him to have a dedicated writing space. Here is his little writing centre. 

After being incredibly inspired by the likes of Playful LearningThe Write Start and of course the philosophy of Maria Montessori, it is was difficult to know where to begin.  

I decided I wanted this space to 

  • be inviting, attractive and fun 
  • be developmentally appropriate
  • have a sense of order
  • be engaging
  • strike a balance between support and challenge

Considering that Caspar is mainly scribbling but showing an interest in writing, his centre contains

  • small chalkboard, chalk and sponge
  • 4 sandpaper letters
  • his name printed on paper and laminated 
  • sandtrays 
  • plain white A4 paper
  • pencil sharpener (in it's own dish to collect the shavings)
  • coloured and lead triangular pencils
  • vase with some leaves (for a touch of nature)
  • coloured pencil holders (we made them today from FIMO clay)
  • a new bigger chair (wow, they grow fast)
  • a jar of small rubber bands (by special request of Caspar)

It would have been too easy for me to go completely crazy and overboard but as Caspar is only three I knew it was really important to keep it simple. 

I wanted to add that when creating spaces for Caspar I always attempt to include him in the process. In this case he helped to move the table, he picked out the chair, unpacked the chair, make the pencil holders etc. 

What a success. Straight away he started writing (scribbling) letters to his friends. 

Somewhat unusually he rolled his letters up, put a rubber band around them and then wrote (scribbled) his friends name on them. 

The Write Start and Montessori Read and Write books arrived in the mail today. Now I am off for some eagerly anticipated reading - before the baby wakes!! 


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