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Flower arranging

Yesterday Caspar gave me these flowers... Yup, weeds in a jar.


While I love the gesture I thought it was time for some flower arranging. Montessori wanted all children to know, love and treasure nature. I am inspired every time I walk into a Montessori classroom and see so many little vases of pretty flowers. 

I wasn't able to find any beautiful little vases so instead I purchased some of these expresso glasses, they are much more our style anyway. We collected the flowers from our garden. 

P1100346Caspar trimmed the stems. He uses our garden shears, I wish I could find a smaller pair for him.P1100352

Now there is not a room in the house that doesn't have some flowers in it bedrooms, bathrooms, shelves and ledges. What a lovely way to brighten up the house on such a cold and rainy day. We truly appreciate the gifts of nature.




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