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How do you manage your children's artwork?

This is a topic that always interests me. I love to see how other people do it! Managing artwork hasn't been a problem for us until recently. These days Caspar brings home one or even two pieces of artwork from school everyday. That is on top of the artwork that he creates at home. Usually it goes straight here.

But this area is now looking tired. The hooks and string look not so tidy and there is so much artwork up there it is all about to fall down. Inspired by Jessie's post Displaying Children's Art I knew frames were the way to go. If we had an Ikea near us I would have purchased those exact frames. I think framing special pieces of artwork is much more respectful of the child and the work, but you can't frame it all. This is what we have decided to do...


We removed the string and hooks. These frames allow us to display four smaller artworks each. These individual smaller pieces include pencil drawings, gluing activities and smaller paintings/prints.



More frames in a different room. All of the frames are from Country Road, these ones are nice and large for Caspar's bigger works. 



Really special pieces go in this new art portfolio.



The rest we send. Caspar choses the artwork and a person to send it to. He glues the recipient's name to the artwork. This one is going to Pa Ray.



A lot of our family and friends will be getting a special package in the mail this week!


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