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Child's workbench

We have had a lot of workmen at our home over the last couples of weeks. Mechanic, electrician, plumber, repairman. As you can imagine Caspar has been walking around the house pretending to fix a lot of things. Time for a real work bench and real tools so he can do some real work.

To make his workbench we used the green table which has had so many uses around our home. Caspar used a screw driver to put together his wooden tool box you can see on a hook under the left side of the table. The only other activity we have for him so far is hammering nails. 

In case you are wondering about the cement floor, this is located in our garage. The great tool belt is an Etsy find, it's from dasBagsPlus, they take your child's waist measurement to ensure the belt fits exactly!

Happy hammering Caspar. 


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