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Five Things - Fun materials for the bath

These are our five favourite things for bathtime fun. 

1. Boats

We have both sail boats and paddle boats. It would be great to have a race. With the paddle boats you wind the paddle which is held in place with a rubber band, and let go.


2. Water pump

This requires a little strength and a little coordination. Just pump the handle and water comes out the spout. 


3. Bird/water whistle

How much fun is a bird whistle. If you haven't seen one before, you put a little water in the bottom of the whistle and blow. It makes interesting bird noises. 


4. Kitchen items

Measuring cups, funnel and colander are all fun in the bath. Also a great way to learn about measuring and volumes. Try a couple of containers/cups that are different in shape but same in volume and amaze your toddler.


5. Plastic sea animals

These make for a fun learning experience. We have Schleich animals, we started with a dolphin and a shark and now have a large collection including various rays, whales, marlin and octopus. This is an idea taken from the DVD Edison's Day. 


We really like our water wheel which can also be used in the sand pit. We haven't tried it yet but I think a watering can would be fun in the bath too. 

If you haven't seen our bathroom before have a look here

Please join in. What are your favourite bath materials?


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