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Little napkin love


Recently it was our turn to do Caspar's school washing. While I was looking at the washing waiting to be returned I was thinking how cute and small everything was. Then it hit me. At home I have only ever provided Caspar with adult size placemats, napkins and cleaning cloths. 

I don't have much of a fabric stash but found enough fabric to whip up a few little napkins. This is about all the fabric I had. I really appreciate the diversity, it makes for a colourful collection. I buy bits of fabric I like by the fat quarter, I think I made four napkins to one fat quarter. I also cut down some of our placemats.

These napkins are small enough to be folded in quarters. This made me think we have never done folding as a practical life activity. Perhaps today.


I like them so much I might use them myself! They are also a perfect size for the lunch box. 


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