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Parenting is hard

P1080168 (This is a photograph is of myself with Otis when he was only a couple of days old)

I write this not because I am experiencing any particular difficulties but because I think it needs mentioning in this space. Parenting is hard. It's hard work. Sometimes it is difficult and I want to recognise that. Especially as Montessori parents we strive toward some kind of perfection that does not exist. 

Montessori mentions in The Absorbent Mind that mankind is drawn towards progression, towards better things. She also mentions in the section on character building that stronger personality types are attracted by perfection, drawn to perfection naturally, perfection attracts them because it is in their nature.

I think all of us strive towards better things, to be better parents. We all want what is best for our children but I believe we need to keep our expectations realistic, perfection as parents is unrealistic, to provide a perfect Montessori environment or Montessori experience is unrealistic. 

It probably doesn't need mentioning, but if you do need reassurance be certain that we all have Montessori flaws, not one of us is perfect and not one of us is better than the other. At times we all find it hard!

To quote from a Sunny Mummy - Motherhood does not come with a ‘how to’ manual, a job description or a set of KPI's... It is up to YOU to believe in yourself and trust that you are doing a great job! Be honest about how demanding and overwhelming motherhood can be at times...however be sure to acknowledge how amazing and joyous it can be too. Allow yourself to enjoy the ride...


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