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Making soap balls


I have mentioned before how non-crafty I am. But I do think that every mother or child carer should make some effort. Craft has so much to offer. I do like activities that are simple, offer some learning experience and involve materials we already have in our home. Today we made soap balls. 

Caspar really likes this grater. Soap is really soft and therefore easy and fun to grate. 


Add lavender tea, chamomile flowers, pour in some water, a couple of drops of essential oil and mix. The lavender and chamomile were for different batches but oh well. Doesn't matter. 



This sensorial experience was a little too much for Caspar. After he mixed the ingredients together he was finished so I rolled the soap balls together. 


With our winter weather these will take a couple of days to dry out. Perfect for hand soap or as gifts. You could add dried herbs, other dried flowers or tea for variation. Our house now smells really nice and homely!


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