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In relation to the wall mirror Chelsea recently asked:

How did you install it? Where did you get the mirror? Is it shatterproof? I worry about our baby hitting it with her wooden toys. Maybe some sort of glue affixing it to a piece of plywood so if it break it stays put.


My rather long reply was:

I have often wondered how other people have done this. I don't remember where we originally purchased the mirror from as we have had it a long time. When we went to install it I went to our hardware store for advice. They recommended using silicone to attach it the wall being very safe and protect it from breaking, but using silicone would attach it to the wall permanently - which we didn't want to do. After some discussion we agreed on using mirror brackets which cover the corners of the mirror and screw into the wall. This is why our mirror does not have a frame around it (we removed the frame) so the mirror part sits flush against the wall. This also makes it much more difficult to break and the mirror is quite strong, so I have never been worried about it shattering. But affixing it to plywood is a good idea. Because the mirror is screwed to the wall with the brackets we were limited on the position of the mirror because some screws need to go into the wall beam (is it called a studd?) for strength. But of course this depends on the structure of your home/walls. Our mirror is so firmly attached that I have no concerns about it. However when we go to remove it we have a few screw holes in the wall to fill in. I think in the end we need to be absolutely comfortable there is not risk in it harming the child. I would have used safety glass/plexiglass if I could have easily found some locally.


Yes, I have very often wondered how other people have installed their wall mirror. We all have safety concerns and budget concerns, each of us has different homes with different wall surfaces and different mirrors. I feel there is a lot of people looking for ideas for their mirrors.

If you have installed a wall mirror I would love to know how you did it.


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