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Five Things - Why we chose Montessori

This week my five things are reasons why we chose Montessori as a parenting method. Yes I am now calling Montessori a parenting method. Really Montessori just isn't about educating but about living and yes parenting. 


1. Montessori inspires me

Do I need to write anymore? After all I have read I want to read more. After all I have done I want to do more. She inspires me to be a better person and a better parent. I am enthusiastic about bringing Montessori in our home now more than ever. 

2. I believe in it - all of it

There is very little that Montessori wrote or spoke about that I don't agree with or believe in. It simply makes sense to me and seems logical. There are some other parenting methods or philosophies that I take bits and pieces from but with Montessori I am in all the way. I have also found that Montessori just suits us and in many ways is an extension of the lives we were already living.

3. Achievable/doable

OK, we don't do everything 100% Montessori but to live in a Montessori way is completely doable it's not aspirational. When I read Montessori I think 'yes' I can do that, perhaps not all at once but with a little time and research it can be achieved. 

4. It's comprehensive 

Pick a topic and it's covered. Discipline, toileting, dressing, Montessori has it covered. Sometimes I am left wanting more information on a topic but with a little discussion and research I can usually find my answers. 

5. Schooling

When we chose to send our first child (or get onto the waiting list) to a Montessori school it was a big decision. Believe it or not at the time we were still considering a Steiner (Waldorf) school. This was a turning point for us. We knew that whatever school we chose we needed to support their principles at home. 


Please join in, I would love to know why you chose Montessori or what is it about Montessori that appeals to you. 


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