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Matching herbs

I don't intend on showing you all the activities we do because so many others do it better. The internet has so many blogs dedicated to showcasing activity ideas. This one I thought was worth showing as it is a really good example of an activity to do at home and nothing goes to waste, the herbs can be used in the kitchen later. 

The cards are designed as three part cards to be used by a much older child, as the instructions say one that has completed a lot of botany work. Ignoring the instructions today we use them for this simple matching activity. Caspar is familiar with some herbs in our garden, by drying herbs and using them in the kitchen. For him this activity gives him the opportunity to look closer and compare.  

As the herbs are fresh and perishable I needed to encourage Caspar to do the activity today. So eventually I set it up on a table and sure enough he came over to do the activity straight away.


He found the work much easier than I expected but like a lot of things he wanted to repeat it over and over again. Later we did this again on the kitchen bench and I am sure many of these will somehow make it into dinner tonight.

I really want my children to be familiar with herbs, I didn't know what basil was until I was like 19!

Did you know that some people call coriander - cilantro?


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