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When I first met Cameron's mum Rachel online I knew there was something special about her. It's like she has a special spark and the best part - she is passionate about Montessori. Rachel has taken the time to answers some of my questions. Can you tell us a little about yourself, your family and where you live? I'm a young mama who is married to my highschool sweetheart (Michael) and has an 18 month old son (Cameron). We live near Brisbane in Queensland in the suburbs with our two cats and numerous fish. When and how did you first... Read more →

Montessori in the home - Australia

There is a lot going on in the world of Montessori. But when I was a first time parent with an interest but little knowledge about Montessori in the home - I felt isolated. There was and is so much great information from overseas but I wondered was anyone doing this in Australia? To possibly help anyone who now finds themselves in a similar position and to spread some Montessori love I have added two new features. Firstly I have included an Australian Montessori blog page which you will find to the left of the screen. It lists some great... Read more →

Five Things - Sources of Montessori Information

This week my five things are sources of Montessori information. 1. Blogs I love blogs and read so many of them. They are great places for ideas, inspiration and motivation. However if you are new to Montessori keep in mind that blogs are just web logs and not ever the best source of accurate Montessori information. What DID we do all day? has a comprehensive list of Montessori blogs. Also Flickr and Pinterest are great for visual inspiration! 2. Books I put books into two categories. First books that are written by or transcripts of the work of Maria Montessori.... Read more →

What about this mobile? It's interesting isn't it. I think this will be our last mobile, Otis will soon be moving onto more in-hand materials. It is called the Primary Colours Mobile from Beginning Montessori, they recommend following it up with the interlocking disks. Otis isn't grasping it yet, he is just batting and doing lots of arm waving. He is still using his bell on a ribbon too. You can tell from the video that he really likes the mobile and it is highly interactive. Although he only connects with it a couple of times, you can see he... Read more →

Caspar is naturally becoming more independent and our environment needs to adapt. Also with the arrival of Otis, Caspar needs to do more things for himself including cleaning up. It's also part of the process. The placemats, napkins and cleaning cloths are all new additions. I have changed the food storage containers. These ones are clear and it is easier to see what is inside. The previous ones had picture labels but I could never tell if they were empty and Caspar stopped using them. He now has a step stool. His juicer, apple slinky etc are stored on the... Read more →

At Home with Montessori has some really useful information on infant mobiles, including one similar to this Rainbow Ring. I am still wondering though what is the link to Montessori? Any ideas? It is a beautiful mobile but hasn't made it to Otis's room. Caspar liked it so much it went straight in his room. Caspar has now decided that he will have the Dancers in his room so the Rainbow Ring is now centre stage near our kitchen. It is a great location really, I can still put Otis under it and it keeps him busy while I am... Read more →

These are our five favourite things for bathtime fun. 1. Boats We have both sail boats and paddle boats. It would be great to have a race. With the paddle boats you wind the paddle which is held in place with a rubber band, and let go. 2. Water pump This requires a little strength and a little coordination. Just pump the handle and water comes out the spout. 3. Bird/water whistle How much fun is a bird whistle. If you haven't seen one before, you put a little water in the bottom of the whistle and blow. It makes... Read more →