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Primary Colours Mobile


What about this mobile? It's interesting isn't it.  

I think this will be our last mobile, Otis will soon be moving onto more in-hand materials. 


It is called the Primary Colours Mobile from Beginning Montessori, they recommend following it up with the interlocking disks. 

Otis isn't grasping it yet, he is just batting and doing lots of arm waving. He is still using his bell on a ribbon too. You can tell from the video that he really likes the mobile and it is highly interactive. Although he only connects with it a couple of times, you can see he is working really hard! The disks spin and this really gets the child's attention.

The time he spends engaged with the mobiles has also increased. Forget using a rocker/bouncer to keep your child occupied, sometime this keeps him so quiet I forget he is there! 

I can't wait for a couple of weeks to pass, then I will video again and see how far he has come.


He is now 3 months old.


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