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Five Things - Quiet and clean indoor activities

Because some days we just need a little quiet and calm. Five things for this week are five quiet and clean indoor activities for Caspar. 

1. Puzzles

Puzzles are great for children of any age. One thing I now know is not to ask the shop assistant for help when choosing puzzles. Puzzles vary so much in skill level required, the only person who can choose the right puzzle for your child is you. I always try to have a couple of puzzles in storage that are just above his current skill level. This one is an airport puzzle and as Caspar is really interested in transport it is a perfect fit. And yes, we do puzzles in the kitchen, why not. Sometimes he wants to work near me and often I sit here at this bench and write or read.  


2. Balancing

These scales are new so Caspar is just working them out. So far we have worked together to achieve equal weight or balance. 


3. Memory game

This game is great for building concentration. Caspar says it's 'tricky', which means he finds it challenging. 


 4. Dressing game 

Although quite commercial Melissa and Doug games and puzzles are (in my view) reasonably good. This one was a gift, it has a magnetic body and the child dresses it with magnet clothes. Once again a perfect fit as the clothes are for a police officer, builder, firefighter etc all things that interest him. 


 5. Drawing 

Drawing with crayons is a current favourite. Long time readers of this blog will know how proud I am of his grip. He is getting there!! These crayons are from Lyra and are really soft with vibrant colours. 


Next week school is back.

Is anyone else watching Le Tour de France? I am so sleep deprived I am having difficulty keeping my eyes open. France is looking so beautiful and those mountains take my breath away. I really hope the Aussie, Cadel Evans can take it away this year.  


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