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When choosing materials for our new baby the interlocking dics were high on my list. Why? Well they are so uniquely Montessori, I wanted to give them a try. I had not seen them used before and didn't know anyone who had used them. This certainly isn't the kind of material you find in your local baby shop. I presented the interlocking to discs to Otis when he was around... Read more →

I didn't see it coming so I found myself a little underprepared. Although he was chewing on everything, everything! His favourite things to chew included fingers (his and mine), clothes (usually mine) and the strap on his Ergo carrier. Unfortunately some of the items I had purchased which said they were good for teething, those made of wood, have been an unattractive chewing option for Otis. So as you might... Read more →

These flowers look how I feel. For me personally it's been a difficult week. I have been out of sorts, feeling down, insecure, unsupported, and totally irrational. This isn't a Montessori topic but it is a parenting topic. For me, all of these feelings link back to one thing - lack of sleep. Lack of sleep = lack of perspective. So I have sought the support of other parents. I... Read more →

Yesterday we also did some juicing. But you have seen us juice before. I really just wanted to show you Karla's oilcloth aprons. You know I love little vases, little napkins, well I love little aprons too. Juicing can be hard work for those little hands! And juice is always good right? I need to think about how we use aprons. Try to be more deliberate in their use. To... Read more →

Last night I had only two hours sleep. Yes, two. I am sure many mothers do this each day. Otis has recovered from whatever it was that bothered him last night but Caspar isn't so good. He really isn't happy at school. I am trying to keep the dialogue open between us and the school until we get it worked out. So when things aren't working out - we garden.... Read more →

For our visual mobiles we used a small screw hook directly into the ceiling surface. As the mobiles were light, as Montessori described so they could move in the breeze, this wasn't a problem. However when we begun to use tactile mobiles like the Bell on a Ribbon, Primary Colours Mobile and the Ring on a Ribbon which Otis can grasp, we needed something much stronger. There are a couple... Read more →

I love to see bedrooms and nurseries especially those of the Montessori kind. But most of all I like to see them after a little use and to see how the have grown. Here are some recent pictures of Otis's Room lived in at four months. He is currently using the ring on the ribbon. There is some new artwork on the wall. These are watercolour paintings that I always... Read more →

The Ring on a Ribbon gives him something to look up at. He can reach for it and will eventually pull it into his mouth. It also gives him an incentive to move. He isn't very mobile he just kicks a lot and slowly pulls himself forward with his arms. He can move a couple of inches and that's a start. He is strengthening the muscles in his arms, legs,... Read more →

The sun came out today. Tomorrow it will be gone again, back behind some storm clouds. We made the most of it and had an impromptu picnic. Although it was still a little fresh, I took Otis's jumper off. Just so that he could enjoy some sunlight on those little arms. Otis has started to chew on everything. I need something that will satisfy this new, emerging need. These cloth... Read more →

If so this is the Montessori book for you. It is quite a large book (404 pages in total) so I had put off reading it for a while. There is a DVD version too. Please let me know if you have seen it and if it is worth watching in addition to the book. Montessori, The Science Behind the Genius is unique as the author thoroughly explains Montessori's theory... Read more →

There is a lot to admire. There is also a lot that parents like myself can learn from teachers. Here are the things I admire most about Montessori teachers. 1. Patience Do I need to say anymore? Oh the patience that must be required to work with so many little children. To deal with their parents too! I am not a patient person but I am working on it. 2.... Read more →

We didn't remove it in the middle of the night. Caspar knew it was going. It's just that he forgot. "Where's the T.V Mum?" Television wasn't a big issue for us. We had three televisions in the house. My husband and I watch very little television and Caspar would watch it occasionally. In the last month or so Caspar has been unwell, increasing his television time. He would feel sick... Read more →

I love them in theory, hate them in practice. Well at least I did. It may shock many Montessorians to know that my first son Caspar was raised using disposable nappies. I tried cloth and failed miserably. Looking back now I see that I set myself up for that failure. Where I went wrong I tried too early. I tried cloth on Caspar as a newborn. The nappies leaked as... Read more →