Five Things - What I admire most about Montessori Teachers
Today the Sun Shone

Are you academically minded?


If so this is the Montessori book for you.  

It is quite a large book (404 pages in total) so I had put off reading it for a while. There is a DVD version too. Please let me know if you have seen it and if it is worth watching in addition to the book. 

Montessori, The Science Behind the Genius is unique as the author thoroughly explains Montessori's theory and then compares it with modern real life research. She puts some facts and science up against Montessori's arguements. Overwhelmingly the research supports Montessori but there is some good discussion and points of view put across.  

Most of us will never know the impact of implementing Montessori in the home or at school. How will we ever know if our child has reached their full potential?

This book highlights what reseach supports and what it doesn't. So if you are wondering about the three year age groupings, sensory materials or order in the home this books discusses it.

A very good read. 


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