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Evolution of a room

I know I have just posted an update on Otis's room but to help visualise the few changes we have made and to link with Neptune's lastest post Evolution of a room here are two pictures side by side.

Otis and his room at around 1 month.

Otis's room currently at 4 months. 


I think I might do this every few months as it is good to look back as the room evolves. 

I looked back trying to find a photo of Caspar's room when he was little. I took very few photos back then. One reason why I started to blog was to stay up to date with my children's development including capturing their development visually through photographs. 

So here is the best I could find. 


In this photo Caspar is approximately 20 months old. His room was very simple. Floor bed (matress on floor) on the left and his table and chairs on the right. He had some pencils in a jar and some paper on his table and that was it. His low shelves (the same shelves that Otis has in his room) were in our living area or his playroom with a few materials on them. 

His room has changed a lot over the years and we are still haven't found the perfect fit. When I feel his room is working for us and we are happy with it, I will take some photos to share.  

If you haven't already I encourage you to link up with Montessori ici and share your link Evolution of a room


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