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Five Things - What I admire most about Montessori Teachers

There is a lot to admire. There is also a lot that parents like myself can learn from teachers. Here are the things I admire most about Montessori teachers. 


1. Patience

Do I need to say anymore? Oh the patience that must be required to work with so many little children. To deal with their parents too! I am not a patient person but I am working on it.


2. Ability to observe

Caspar had only been at his school for two weeks when his teacher made a comment to me about him. It made me think, I was surprised. She knew him. The ability to observe is fundamental to the Montessori Method and I think we could all benefit from doing more of this in the home. Observing in the home as a teacher would in the classroom can help us design or adjust our home environment to better suit the child. 


3. Grace, gentleness and kindness

Of course these are admirable attributes. Montessori writes a lot about why these are important. Remember young children have an absorbent mind and will over time absorb our qualities too. 


4. Ability to see the innate potential for goodness in every child 

Wow, this is admirable. I wish to see the innate potential for goodness in everyone - not just children.  


5. Not having preconceived ideas 

This is also fundamental to the Montessori Method. Teachers do not have preconceived ideas about the children, what level they should be at or what work they should be doing. As parents it's really easy to get caught up in comparing children and thinking our children should be more advanced. It's time to drop that thinking and really follow the child. 


I also love how Montessori writes about teachers being interesting, warm and charming. Yes the teachers in our life are indeed interesting, warm and charming!

Please, feel free to join in. What is it that you most admire about teachers?



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