Karla, your aprons ROCK!
Eeek! My baby is teething.

Lack of sleep = lack of perspective


These flowers look how I feel.

For me personally it's been a difficult week. I have been out of sorts, feeling down, insecure, unsupported, and totally irrational. This isn't a Montessori topic but it is a parenting topic. For me, all of these feelings link back to one thing - lack of sleep.

Lack of sleep = lack of perspective. 

So I have sought the support of other parents. I have sought the support of friends and my husband. But in reality it is something only I can deal with. Toughen up, I say. But when you are in the moment, trying to get through the day, there is only one thing that will help. That one illusive thing - sleep.

Along with understanding the importance of a good night's sleep, this week I have also learnt compassion. As I have sought it from others. Sometimes I forget compassion. When someone messes up, is abrupt, cuts me off in traffic, is agressive, makes mistakes, says the wrong thing, I am going to practice compassion. For often people are not behaving this way with intention, but perhaps there are other things going on in their lives. As there is in mine.  

Yes, those flowers are from my kitchen table. They are still there. 


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