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Eeek! My baby is teething.

Teething items

I didn't see it coming so I found myself a little underprepared. Although he was chewing on everything, everything! His favourite things to chew included fingers (his and mine), clothes (usually mine) and the strap on his Ergo carrier. 

Unfortunately some of the items I had purchased which said they were good for teething, those made of wood, have been an unattractive chewing option for Otis. 

So as you might know I have been asking around. What do you give your baby to chew on? I couldn't find a lot of Montessori information but I wanted to stick to natural materials. 

Here are a few things that Otis is now happy to chew on. 

1. Sophie the Giraffe

After searching our local stores this mini Sophie was the best I could find. I was a little concerned about giving him this mini version because, well, Giraffes don't have handles. But I am convinced Otis doesn't see it like this but rather just somthing to put in his mouth. It's 100% rubber and a nice texture. Thank you Sara for the recommendation. This mini version does work well for Otis because he is only four months old and has a little mouth. I will still keep my eye out for the original (full sized) Sophie.

2. Crochet ring

He will chew on the cotton crochet part. This is easy for him to hold. I am thinking of buying a couple more just because they come in such pretty colours. Sold by April and mentioned by Meg.

3. Wash cloths

Recommended by other parents, this cheap and easy option was worth a try. The first time I gave one to Otis he sucked on it and put himself to sleep. Not what I had in mind but I will keep one handy for when those gums get really sore. 

4. Cloth rattles

Made by April but would be easy to make yourself. Cloth rattles filled with organic bamboo fibers. The tiny bell inside adds interest. I know they are rattles but the size and shape mean they are perfect for in the mouth. We now have these rattles throughout our home, in our car and I carry a couple in my bag. 




Anyone else teething? Please let me know if you have any other suggestions. 


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