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Ring on a Ribbon

Our latest child friendly space


For a couple of reasons we had to move some furniture around. This space was left empty when we moved a couch. Of course I wanted to replace it with something more child friendly. This area is in a living area and a space where Caspar often plays with friends. He also eats some meals and snacks at this table. Giving him a new area to spend time is also part of my no T.V strategy. 

We have had this rug out for a while, such a fun place for him to play with his trucks and cars (and garbage trucks and diggers) and it's nice for Otis to roll around on too. 


Caspar is busy doing this play-dough activity. It looks like a good match to me!


(Neptune - If you are reading! Caspar's writing centre is now in his room. It's not that it wasn't working in an open area it was just that he needed more free space to play with friends. His room is now more of a personal work space and this is more of a communal play space.)

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