How do you hang your mobiles?
Karla, your aprons ROCK!

When things aren't working out


Last night I had only two hours sleep. Yes, two. I am sure many mothers do this each day. Otis has recovered from whatever it was that bothered him last night but Caspar isn't so good. He really isn't happy at school. I am trying to keep the dialogue open between us and the school until we get it worked out. 

So when things aren't working out - we garden. Today we planted some Lillies and enjoyed the sunshine. This lifted our spirits. 


We don't garden in any specific Montessori kind of way, except it is child led. Caspar assembles his tools and we discuss what else we may need. I garden along side him but he essentially works busily by himself. 


We put coloured paddle pop sticks near each bulb so we remember where we planted them. 


Last year we got stunning results. 


Oh yes. The Montessori child cleans up after themselves, well most of the time. 

We hope there are better days ahead.


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