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Australian Animal Dice Fun


Like most kids Caspar likes to act like an animal. So when I found this very easy idea I thought it would be fun. You roll the dice then act like the animal shown. I was not disappointed, Caspar LOVES it and I have even found him playing it on his own. 

The free wildlife dice cutout can be found here at Wildlife Fun 4 Kids, there is even some ideas for noises to make. I really love this site as Penny has such genuine passion and enthusiasm for kids and wildlife. I really like her other post about gourmet duck food, although I haven't tried it yet. We don't usually feed the ducks, but here she explains not to feed them bread and provides a better option.

In case you cannot guess, here is an Emu


and a Frog. 


Penny recommends printing on thicker paper, we didn't have any nearby so used ordinary paper. It's getting crumpled with use but still works a treat. Thank you Penny!


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