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Five Things - Sources of Montessori Materials - Australia


This is the list I wish I had three years ago. With no Michael Olaf, no Montessori Services, where do we go for our Montessori materials? Today's five things are sources of Montessori materials that we have used and can recommend.  

1. At Home with Montessori - Materials for children from birth to three years. 

2. Montessori Child - I really like their practical life section.

3. A2Z Montessori Australia - They stock a large range of items, really comprehensive.

4. Bright Tomato Learning - A small but useful range.

5. Wood Puzzles - Puzzles, sandpaper letters, moveable alphabet. All handmade. 

We have also used Montessori 4 Kids which is an ebay store. Although I haven't used them before Classic Baby stock Montessori items for baby to toddler and they currently have a few items on sale.

I also buy from Etsy. Most of these are from the U.S and Canada. I have found postage costs to Australia to be reasonable. I usually try to order a few items at time to make it cost effective. 

Locally I find our indepedent toy store to have some Montessori friendly toys. Although it may require some searching, hardware and kitchen specialty stores usually stock items relevant to practical life. 

If you are in New Zealand have a look at Montessori Shop. Although I haven't used them before Vicki is super friendly and may be able to ship to Australia too.

If there is a store that I have missed out or clearly don't know about please fill me in - I would love to hear about them!  


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