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Five Things - Why read to your baby?

I am a little late with my Five Things post. I actually had another topic in mind but I got distracted thinking about weaning, so I might post two Five Things this week.

Today's five things - reasons to read to your baby. 

With Caspar (now three) I knew reading to him as a baby was important. I didn't know why. Now with Otis, my second child, I am much more aware and present as a parent and the reasons to read to him are abundant and oh so clear.

1. Sharing

This happens while I am showering and getting ready for the day. While it doesn't look like much sharing is going on, Caspar is actually reading to Otis. Caspar is sharing his book and sharing the story. 


2. Feeling, touching

He strokes each page with his hand. He feels the page, he touches the pictures, he touches the words. I can only imagine how amazing a book must look to him. 


3. Holding

He is learning the weight of a book, how to support it so you can view the words and pictures. He helps to turn a page. 


4. Observing 

When I read to him like this, he barely takes his eyes off me. He is watching every word leave my lips.


5. Connecting

Reading time can be special. Touching, being together, taking time, expressing to him that he is important. 


Thank you to Cathy from A Montessori Home, the amazing photograph of Finlay reading with his dad here, really inspired me to capture some of our reading moments on camera. 

Also thank you to Caspar for the great photography.


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