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Child's robe tutorial by made

Caspar's bath robe tutorial by dana-made-it

I may have caught the sewing bug. While perusing the pages of Modern Parents Messy Kids I found this Weekend Look Book and immediately fell in love with the featured child's robe. Adorable and so doable. It only takes a couple of towels and some bias binding. 

It reminds me of Edison's Day, not only is the 20 month old Edison smart, independent and the epitome of Montessori - he also had a super cute robe. 

I set to work. The tutorial can be found at made. I love sewing from tutorials and this one is simple. The only addition I made was a little tab sewn into the collar to make it easier for my Montessori child to hang it on his hook. The best part - the pattern starts at 9 months. That would be ridiculously cute!

If anyone has used this tutorial I would love to see how it turned out. Don't you just love children after their bath, so beautifully snuggly and clean. 


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