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Montessori Weaning Table and Chair - Part One


I love the concept of the weaning table and chair. Otis isn't ready to use it yet. At five months and even with a rolled towel for support and blocking him in with the wall and the table he is still not able to use it comfortably. We will wait until he is ready. He is currently tasting foods while sitting on my lap or in his chair at the table like shown here.

We decided to go with the Me-Do-It Chair. While he does have the Cube Chair I really like this in his room. The Me-Do-It Chair is sturdy and the seat is shallow so the back supports the child in their seated position. It's a lovely substantial chair. 

I had some difficulty sourcing an appropriate weaning table. The only tables I could find were really durable and great tables, but they were for the child care market and extraordinarily expensive. So I found the heaviest and sturdiest table and cut... cut the legs. I used a really fine hand saw and was able to make the cut so fine and straight the table is stable. Thanks to Cathy's advice the chair seat is 14cm high and the table is 32cm. I think the combination of the table and chair works well. The table is unfinished timber though, what do you think I should do to it?

In Part Two I'll show the table and chair in use.   


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