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Something fun for his feet!


I really like the recent posts at At Home with Montessori. Meg writes about each month of a child's life from birth to nine months. It's a good guide and I enjoy looking forward a couple of months to see what I can expect with Otis.

I thought it was a little amusing when at five months Meg suggested putting some items on your child's socks for them to explore. Then right at five months Otis discovered his feet. So what did I do? Exactly as she suggested.

What are the benefits? I am sure observing your feet like this works a whole range of muscles and it would be good for his concentration. But honestly, most of all, it kept him happy while I made dinner.

I chose socks that were snug so he didn't pull them off straight away. When sewing the items to the sock I attached some cotton fabric to the underside for additional strength.  


He wasn't so happy with the bell, he kept on trying to kick it off. But he loved the big green button!




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